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Tue May 7 08:40:06 EDT 2019


Ive been watching the mailing list for a few months after hearing about Noahs Documentary in his interview on the Embedded.fm <http://embedded.fm/> podcast last year. I subsequently got my daughter to get the me the Love notes to Newton for Christmas which I really enjoyed. All this led me to digging out my MP130 that has been hiding in a box for the last 15 years or so…

I last connected the Newton to my G3 power Mac sometime around 2002 and late last year I did the unthinkable after having a clean up to make some room for our youngest son I through out a heap of old cables including the Newton serial cables. 

To redeem myself I today I finally got organised and making a new cable to connect the newton to my 2011 MB Pro.

I used a surplus serial cable, DB9-DB9 cut it in half and attached a mini Din 8 plug to a bare end. This I have plugged into a bare rs232/485 to usb adaptor which uses a  FT232BL chipset.

Couple of pics of what Ive done are here



I have NCX running on the MB Pro with OSX High Sierra no new drivers were required and the newton connected happily (once I set NCX to use the USB adaptor rather than via Bluetooth) 

Performing a back up was a breeze and now the next step is to get the date fix patch installed so I can set the date and have another play with the old Newton.

Thank you to all those that have put the countless hours into continuing to support the newton after all these years.



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