[NTLK] New 2100 owner - Question about data storage and spare parts

Craig Goodwin cmgoodwin1 at gmail.com
Thu May 23 14:18:05 EDT 2019

Hi folks, I’m so glad some are still using and enjoying Newton! Thanks in advance for any pointers, I recently got myself a 2100. I’m keeping this brief to start.

Is ata the way to go for reliable storage (because I could use new cards & higher capacity within reason) or is there a cheap way to get old 8 or 20mb cards that have plenty of r/w life left? 

If it’s ata, does it matter which pcmcia cf or sd adapter, is anyone running a particular brand that they know works with a 2100? I’d think smaller capacity cf cards would be easier to find than sd, or are they all old stock now which may not be reliable? 

Finally any pointers to buy the screen cover and hinge section for a 2100 that I could buy, also a couple of the pcmcia blanks for when cards aren’t inserted.

Ps - Love notes to Newton may be what finally pushed me over the edge to buy one 

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