[NTLK] New 2100 owner - Question about data storage and spare

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Sun May 26 06:05:53 EDT 2019

Hi Craig,

welcome to the Newton world, and welcome to the NewtonTalk community.

I can help you out with PCMCIA blanks (5 bucks apiece or three for 10 bucks)
and memory cards (15 bucks apiece or three for 40 bucks), plus what I pay
for stamps. The memory cards are Intel 20 MB Linear Flash cards that'll work
fine with all Newtons. They're read-only in eMates. They were used in
cardiac pacemakers, hence they're unlikely to have seen more than one or two
write cycles. I've sold a lot of those over the last decade and haven't had
a single complaint. 



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