[NTLK] Newton Stuff For Sale - 11/25

arceeHS arceehs at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 17:05:52 EST 2019

Hi again Newtonians

Continuing offering my accumulation of newton-related peripherals, 3rd
party addons, and software. The bottom of the box is in sight.

Fourth Listing

1. Screen protectors for MP 2x00 - Two different kinds

2. PCMCIA Ethernet Card & Adapter Cable

3. Miscellaneous Newton Software CDs

4. Original Newton Software Floppies

5. Serial Cable (Mac) - MiniDIN8 x 2

Go to —> https://imgbox.com/g/qM9Xvc21Ig <— for “Apple Newton “Stuff”
- “11/25””. There there are the pix of the items AND
the price list, item details, shipping are the last pic in the posting.

What remains unsold from my previous listing WITH NEW PRICING are here —>
and here —>
and here --->

If any of the ImageBox URLs don't work directly please Copy and Paste them.

Thanks again for looking.

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