[NTLK] Which, if any, of this software ties the license to the Newton ID?

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Nov 26 12:22:53 EST 2019

Hi folks, 

I've recently tried to resurrect Christian's Lady Newt, but so far without
success. So I'm thinking of simply replacing the main logic board in order
to revive her.

Christian mostly needs the following software:

	1.	Dash Board by Five Speed Software 
	2.	MoreInfo, At-A-Glance, and Quiet by Silverware 
	3.	Unlimited Folders by Silverware 
	4.	Unlimited To-Dos by Silverware 
	5.	AffiliatePlus by Silverware 
	6.	FlightRecorder by Silverware

If I were to simply replace the main logic board, it might happen that some
of this software can't be installed or registered because some developers
tied the registration to the Newton's ID back then, which is unique for
every board. I guess I could transplant the chip where the Newton ID lives
in, but I'd rather not do this unless it's really necessary. 

Does anybody know off the top of his head know if software mentioned in the
list above uses the Newton ID for registering? I admit I could find that out
on my own by trying to install it on one of my spare Newtons, but I'm
currently drowning in my tax declaration. Would be easier and faster (well,
at least for me...) if one of you could chime in and let me know if this
transplant will be necessary.

Thanks a lot, as usual


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