[NTLK] Newton Stuff For Sale

arceeHS arceehs at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 13:28:48 EDT 2019

Hi Newtonians

I’m suffering a continuing case of TMS (Too Much … ah … “Stuff”) and
my Newton accumulation is part of it even after the MPs and eMates
have gone away on eBay.

What remains is a bunch of peripherals, 3rd party addons, and software
and I am sorely tired of eBay’s shenanigans.

This is a trial to see if I can deal directly with the NewtonTalk
community - without a website since I don’t have one.

First listing

1. Newton MessagePad / iMate 9w AC Adapter

2.  Newton MessagePad 110 / 120 / 130 Stylus

3. 3Com EtherLink III PCMCIA Card, version 3C589C - software available

4. Newton MessagePad Handbook - for the MP 120 2.0 NOS version

5. Newton Keyboard - M/N X0044 - for the MP 2000 / 2001

Go to —> http://imgbox.com/g/XuYVYVQCMl <— for “Apple Newton “Stuff” -
08/14”. There there are the pix, a price list and shipping options.

Yeah, I know this lot is pretty mundane stuff for the community but
there’s much more and its just a start to see if it is workable.

If interested PLEASE contact me privately; let’s keep the crass
commercial activity off [NTLK]


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