[NTLK] Memory Card Available for Bootstrapping?

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Sep 24 12:53:01 EDT 2019

> BTW, if there is a loan program going on of cards like this, 
> I have some 8 meg linear flash cards I could probably part with.

I'm still offering the card loan service. I have a sufficient number of
cards for bootstrapping 1x0 Newtons. Unfortunately, restoring a backup made
on a 2x00 to an eMate won't work (just tried that). So obviously one needs
to prepare the backup on an eMate, for which an eMate r/w card is required.

I have only one eMate r/w card left, and this particular animal might soon
need to be prepared for a fellow NewtonTalker who wants to bootstrap his
eMate. If he decides to purchase this card, which I always offer when
lending cards out to save people the cost and the risk of shipping them
back, I'll be out of eMate bootstrap cards. So I'm very interested in eMate
r/w cards, provided I get them at a reasonable price. The cards' size isn't
really important I think, unless it's smaller than 1MB.


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