[NTLK] Lady Newt problem guessing lottery

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Sun Feb 2 16:09:10 EST 2020

> I'm sorry for off topic, but what is the reason you install that Y2K patch
if the 711000 system patch fix everything AND date problem?

Falling back to (717006)-0 fixes Lady Newt's problem with powering down.
However, this is the OS version 2x00 Newtons came with when they left the
factory. Keeping this version would re-introduce the date problem.

If leap years hadn't been invented, the weekday shown for a specific date
would be correct every seven years. Unfortunately, they _have_ been
invented, so weekdays shown for a specific date will only be correct every
28 years. For the sake of easier reading we'll ignore the exceptions caused
by new centuries or millenniums. Only few of us are going to run into _that_

So you'd have to set your little green friend's date back 28 years. This
would have its benefits. You'd end up in 1992 and wouldn't have to worry
about the Y2K problem for the next 18 years. You'd simply have to add 28
years to every date your Newton shows you. The down side would be that from
then on, unless you delete them all first, the Newton would remind you of
dates that you had up to 18 years ago. 

However, the older you get, the faster time flies. So before long, around 18
years from now to be precise, you'd have to set the date back 56 years.

In my humble opinion this isn't an option. Moreover, I'm not even sure you
can set the date back to 1992 since the 2x00 wasn't even invented at that
time. So there isn't any way around installing Eckhart's patch.


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