[NTLK] File issues

Grant Hutchinson newtontalkmessages at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 01:37:44 EST 2020

> On Feb 6, 2020, at 11:11 PM, Walt Berger <scooby9261 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ive been writing a book and now i cant find the file in works (no matter
> what folder I chk). Is there any way of viewing what files are on the
> drive ? Like my computer almost so i can find the file and wahhla .

Hi Walt.

Sorry to hear that you’re having file issues.

The Newton OS doesn’t really have a “drive” per se. All documents are stored in a central data “soup” which is accessible by all applications.

Have you scrolled through the “Unfiled Documents” folder?

Are you viewing the folders in Works as a list or as individual documents? (Tap the “Overview Button” - the black dot between the scroll arrows - to switch between the list view and the document detail.)



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