[NTLK] Power issue

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Sun Feb 9 17:54:07 EST 2020

> When i plug in and setup emate 300 all is well. But when i press the power
> button (and shut off the unit), when i press power button the unit wont
> power back on. Only will turn back on if i do a reset. Anyone know what
> could be going on ?

I strongly doubt that this has anything to do with your having replaced the
display cable.

I dimly remember that older OS versions had power issues, especially if the
battery wasn't fully charged. Apple eventually fixed those with a system
patch. Make sure you have Eckhart's 2010 patch installed. That patch is
based on Apple's latest OS patch and fixes the 2010 date problem.

Good luck!


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