[NTLK] akko FR-301

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Mon Feb 10 16:01:11 EST 2020

> A Hakko FR-301 desoldering iron is a massively good investment if you
don?t have a similar solution already.

That's correct. Provided the component in question has pins that go through
a hole and are soldered at the bottom of the board. I actually have not only
a similar, but a better solution for through-hole unsoldering: My trusty
Weller VP801EC soldering station. It even features a foot switch for
operating the pump.

Unfortunately, TSOP56 is a SMD pinout that's not soldered through holes. The
pins touch the soldering pads. There isn't any gap between them and the pad,
so air won't be able to remove the melted tin completely. It's almost
impossible to remove such a pin from its pad unless you also bend it up
while the tin is hot. Which is something you don't want. The key to
successful resoldering is not to bend any pin while unsoldering. Not even
ever so slightly.



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