[NTLK] Dongle-less 2000U

Aaren Faust aaren11 at icloud.com
Sat Feb 29 01:46:20 EST 2020

Hey there Newtontalk,

After 13-ish years or so I've finally managed to get my hands on a 2000U unit. Unfortunatley, despite the well-preserved box of accessories, It didn't include either an interconnet dongle or origional stylus. While the latter can easily be bypassed, the former is more of a stumbling block. 

I've been contemplating ordering one of the USB-001 boards from Newtonsales (after careful consideration of PDA-soft's review) but those are easily half the price my unit was in the first place. Their dongle prices are equally steep - but the ebay lottery hasn't turned up any alternatives either. And even with a dongle, I'd still need an appropriate interposer cable or PCIE serial card. 

So I figured I'd finally join Newtontalk and ask if any of the community members would be willing to lend a hand, or suggest any alternatives. I'm located in Australia - so if there's any local, or overseas members with any possible suggestions or solutions - I'm happy to hear them!



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