[NTLK] In Search of

Walt Berger scooby9261 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 13:31:28 EST 2020

PCMCIA card for my Emate 300 and a cord so I can connect it to a PC. I have
a Wifi Card but I have no way of getting the drivers onto the Newton.

Also I am looking for a for parts Emate 300 (I need the Battery cover on
the bottom and two screws, Keyboard, Battery (working or non working).

Also if anyone has a working Emate 300 motherboard for sale plz let me

My main concern is getting software onto the Emate right now. Im not sure
if I should just get a PCMCIA card thats compatible and a PCMCIA card
reader and call it a day, or get a cable.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks to everyone for their help throughout
the past few months, ive learned a lot and met some great folks that helped
me out in more ways than one and I now know the Emate 300 inside and out.
My next step is getting a Newton 2000/2001 and getting keyboard etc setup
for it.

-Walt B

Happy 2020 everyone :-)

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