[NTLK] Syncing MessagePad with Emulated Mac (Sheepshaver)

Christoph newtonhonk at posteo.de
Sat Jan 11 08:39:44 EST 2020

Dear Newton-Friends,

For some of you this is certainly nothing new, but today I managed to get my MessagePad to synchronize with an emulated macOS 8. This has the advantage that I can use all the good software on my "modern" iMac. NewtonPress etc.

You need:
- SheepShaver (Emulated Mac)
- a Mac ROM
- macOS 8 and 9 install CD
- a FTDI USB2Serial adapter

You can find Sheepshaver here:

When you carefully, you also find all the needed stuff (ROM, etc.)

The only important thing is to set the address of the adapter under macOS X in the settings under modem port. With me this is:

Depending on the brand the name is different.

I am so happy, because it really runs smoothly!

Cheers Christoph


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