[NTLK] Boxes of Newton Stuff

Peter Fraser pjfraser at mac.com
Sat Jan 11 14:24:18 EST 2020

I’ve tried this before, but no luck so far. The recent thread on the Newtontalk map, which shows a few nearby members, got me restarted. 

I have two or three sizable boxes of assorted Newt stuff, that have sat in the garage for years now. It does nobody any good there. 

I’m forgetting much of the contents, but there are various non-2000/2100 newts and lots of books and cards and cases and battery trays and accessories. I specifically remember a brand new large leather portfolio 2100 case being in there.  At least one eMate with the memory upgrade, too. And a Magic Cap non-newt thingie too, I think. 

What I’d really like to do is find someone local, here in the San Francisco Bay Area, to come by and take it all away for a super cheap price. I’d imagine we could dump it all out on the floor and wave our arms a couple times over it to arrive at the number.  Which will be, remember, a low number. 

That local person could also act on behalf of others located elsewhere, but that is up to you to arrange.

Any interest?

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-- Peter
pjfraser at mac.com

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