[NTLK] How to open .bin file

Pawel Piotrowski newton at indigi.co.uk
Mon Jan 13 18:11:32 EST 2020

> On 13 Jan 2020, at 17:16, Grant Hutchinson <grant at splorp.com> wrote:
>> On Jan 13, 2020, at 4:28 AM, Matej Horvat <matej.horvat at guest.arnes.si> wrote:
>>> StuffIt Expander on a Mac will extract it, if memory serves.
>> And the Windows equivalent is Aladdin Expander. Not all files will still be usable
>> if extracted on Windows, but at least Newton packages should be. If not, Strip.exe
>> can be used.
> I’ve been using The Unarchiver for years. It’s free and can handle pretty much any compressed or archived file format you throw at it.
> https://theunarchiver.com/


I’ve tried many apps on MacOS X and classic Mac OS. Nothing works :(

Could I ask you, guys, to try to unpack tis file and juz zip the content, please: http://unna.applenewton.co.uk/•%20incoming/k-diags-1.4.3.bin.gz

Best regards,
Pawel Piotrowski

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