[NTLK] Newton 2x00 not turning off - What can it be?

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Jan 14 17:47:41 EST 2020

Hi gang,

in my quest for turning Christian's Lady Newt back into a usable partner, I
now have the problem that this lady won't turn off. To be precise, she'll
turn off and immediately back on. Always. Every single time.

The switch isn't the problem. I've tried two other switches, and the problem

So it must either be a problem with the mainboard, or it must be caused by

Disabling the packages I installed for Christian by tapping the left side of
the screen during startup didn't fix things, either. 

So I brainwiped Lady Newt, which made the problem go away. I think this
proves that the culprit cannot be the mainboard. Especially given the fact
that the Newton this mainboard came from never had this problem.

Funnily, things were still working hunky dory after I restored a backup that
was so recent that I cannot think of any difference to the Newton's previous

Unfortunately, while running Lady Newt through my usual test routines, the
problem eventually came back. Again, a brainwipe fixed this. Again, it still
works OK after restoring the backup.

I'm inclined to think that some of the software installed on Christian's
Newton causes this. Not immediately (otherwise the problem would resurface
after restoring the backup), but maybe after using this software.
Unfortunately, I've never used any of this software myself, so I haven't a
clue how to proceed. It seems that Christian never had this problem while
Lady Newt was still cooperating.

Does this ring a bell? Any idea what the problem might be?

Thanks, as usual


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