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Wed Jan 15 18:04:52 EST 2020

> Is there any method to transfer that content on 1MB Newton memory card?

I doubt you'll get the bin file on a card, but thanks to Steve White I have
a K-Diags card that works just fine. It allowed me to fix the annoying "This
battery can't be charged" error that befalls some eMates.

The easiest way of duplicating this card is simply plugging it in. The
software has a button that allows you to copy it to another card. Provided
you have one that's r/w in eMates.

If you don't, you can also copy it on a 2x00, but that's a tad on the
difficult side since the Newton's display control is different. On a 2x00,
the screen isn't very legible - see Steve's image here:


Some time ago Steve told me how he copies this card on a Newton:

   1) I cold-boot the card on an MP2000, wait for the loud beep and garbled
      (see above flickr link). I eject the K-Diags card, and insert the
linear flash
      card I want the copy of K-Diags to go onto into the top PCMCIA slot. 

   2) I hold the MP upside down - so that the Apple logo is further away
from me.
      I try to calibrate the stylus - touch one corner, touch the other

   3) This gets it into the main menu, which will still be garbled.  If you
touch and
      hold the stylus at the top center of the screen, and slowly move it
down - as if
      you were trying to draw a line - the menu boxes will turn black when
your stylus
      is "inside" them, and go back to white when your stylus is "outside"
of it.
      Sometimes this requires a little horizontal movement as well - it all
depends on
      the initial calibration.  

   The goal of this is to get the last (bottom-most) menu box to turn black
- that's
   the "IMAGE TO PCMCIA" menu box.  When that goes black, lift the stylus,
and it starts
   copying it onto a linear flash card in the top PCMCIA slot.

Although this isn't for the faint at heart, yours truly managed to do this
successfully two times in the past when I didn't have r/w eMate cards :-)



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