[NTLK] iMac Snow and Newton

Alex Santos santoscork at me.com
Mon Jan 20 20:36:21 EST 2020

This last week I have been reviving an iMac Snow running Mac OS 9.2.2, installed a new hard drive and have been loading it up with Macintosh software to augment connectivity to the Newton via a Keyspan 28X.

Eventually I plan to put my Newton 2100 online as a web server.

For the time being I just want to want to reach out to all of you who are tuned in to see if I can get a shortlist of which packages I will need for my Newton to get online. I should mention that I have to go through a number of boxes to locate my ethernet or a wireless G PCMCI card. I know I have one and oh — as I write this I think I remember I last seeing the wireless Lucent card (or is Orinoco?) attached a ThinkPad X21. Otherwise I have to find my Etherlink III card.

So, are there any specific Newton software packages that are a must for the Newton 2100 to be a little web server?

PS Pawel Piotrowski has been gracious with his time and allowed me to contact him in Scotland to sort of preflight this goal but I am afraid I will ill prepared for the call, so thank you Pawel and if I am still stuck I will contact you over the coming weekend.

Thanks again!

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