[NTLK] UNNA Status Update

Morgan Aldridge morgant at makkintosshu.com
Sat Jan 25 17:32:03 EST 2020

Progress is continuing on UNNA.org. I'm down to two remaining major issues:
updating PHP database code and resolving some modified files in
mirrors.unna.org. The former is progressing well, but the latter I could
use some advice on, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions.

As far as the modified files go, the UNNA sites, archives, and mirrors all
live in one large-ish Subversion repository and quite a few homepage.mac.com
files are marked as locally modified. Some are HTML files that look to be
unmodified, so I expect they have character encoding changes or an
additional trailing line item, so I'm not terribly concerned about those.
However, there are a lot of images, .swf, and some .mov files that are also
marked as modified and so are hard for me to compare with just an `svn

Since the old server went offline due to data corruption on the drive, I'm
not 100% sure that the Subversion repository doesn't contain corrupt data
or whether the modified files might be caused by corrupted. Additionally,
the site was hacked some time back, so it's possible they were modified at
that time. And, lastly, I don't know that I wasn't in the process of
updating some files based on newer data pulled from homepage.mac.com.

So, any thought or suggestions for ways to do binary diffs of this data
would be appreciated, esp. via the command line. The new server and my
current desktop are running OpenBSD, but I have some access to macOS VMs,
if necessary (they're just a bit slow). I might also be able to package up
the files for someone else to compare for a second opinion on which to keep
(old vs new).


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