[NTLK] A personal note

Rufus Kohn rufuskohn at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 18:40:36 EST 2020

Hi my friends,

I am going through some major life changes. I want to share this with you because I had a fun time but my time with these beautiful machine and this wonderful community is coming to an end. 

Last December I became aware that I am transgender. I have started transitioning from man (Rufus) to woman (Roos). 

My life and preferences are all in review. I have made some changes because my time and resources are limited so I am putting my newton stuff up for sale.  

My collection consists of 7 or 8 eMate 300’s and a few messagepads h1000 110 130 and a 2100 
Loads of miscellaneous items . Cards cables cases and battery cases and so on. 

I like to bring it all into the newton community  
It’s not free but I am not looking for profit either. If someone is looking to take over the lot that would make me happy. 

Also I have an Apple collection but this may be a bit heavy on the postage. Several older working laptops like a Pismo a 1400 and a 145
A color classic Recapped and with Ethernet card
Also som more “modern” stuff I’ll donate happily 

So it may seem cliche changing gender and loosing interest for computers and maybe it is but I do love this stuff and I care to find it a new home. 

I’ll post a full list if there is nobody willing to go for the heap

I’ll be around for a while to close my account and for now I want to thank everyone for all the help, the contributions and good spirits over the years. 

With kindest regards,

Roos (Rufus) Kohn

My new mail adres is Rooskohn at gmail.com

Ps Roos is Dutch spelling for the flower, rose and the pronunciation is the same.


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