[NTLK] [ANN] mbedTLS 2.16.6 for NewtonOS

Grant Hutchinson newtontalkmessages at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 01:12:29 EDT 2020

> On Jun 14, 2020, at 3:40 AM, Paul Guyot <pguyot at kallisys.net> wrote:
> I am pleased to announce a port of mbedTLS 2.16.6 for NewtonOS.
> This library allows SSL connections and comes with a quick and
> dirty patch that allows IMAPS connections with Mail V.

This is gobsmackingly wonderful news.

And continuing with something that Matej mentioned ... I’m interested to see how this might possible enhance the NPDS web server. I’m probably oversimplifying the functionality of mbedTLS, but could it be possible to serve HTTPS pages from a Newton?



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