[NTLK] Scribble (& Notes)

L.W. Brown lwb at mac.com
Tue Jun 23 20:23:02 EDT 2020

Maybe Scribble can use any Pencil (or so early users on reddit seem to think), but there are limitations, as noted on reddit:

"Apps that have custom functionality for the Pencil seem to conflict with Scribble: Goodnotes and Notability have it set up so using the pencil when in Text mode will pan the page around instead of letting you use Scribble. IIRC a there’s a way for developers to design around this to get it to work, but that won’t happen until the full release of iOS 14
"The shapes tool only works with apps that use Apple’s PencilKit API, like Notes or the screenshot tools. Most notetaking apps don’t use it because it wasn’t released publicly until iPadOS 13, and it renders the ink as a static image, instead of the higher-quality vectors that Notability and Goodnotes use. This is why you can’t zoom in when drawing in Notes, and why if you zoom on a PDF edited using Apple’s Markup feature, the ink is oddly blurry.” 

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