[NTLK] Love Notes ?2? Newton

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Jun 29 20:44:08 EDT 2020

> With all the current activity around Einstein, Bluetooth, WONC and
> and maybe a few other things, I am wondering if soon it might be the time
to make
> a follow-up, Love Notes ?2? Newton (or Love Notes 2.1 ;-).

Pawel beat me to expressing it, but I also think this is a brilliant idea.
I'm there if you need me.

Who knows, if someone could write our very own Newton song lyrics... lyrics
we could use without violating any copyright issues...

I have a piano... and five guitars... and four ukuleles... and some
flutes... and more mouth-organs than I'll ever need... and  even some
instruments still waiting to be played for the first time...

I'm still in the mood for creating our own Newton song as a joint effort. It
would be so cool if people from all over the world could contribute
something I could mix together. If there's one thing that'll show the world
what the NewtonTalk list members are capable of almost a quarter of a
century after the Newton's demise, it'd be such a song.

Everything's possible!


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