[NTLK] A Newbie Question

From: Steven Stanley (basketbnewton_at_mac.com)
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 00:41:11 EDT

Hi All,
Can someone explain to me the "dongle" that is used with the 2x00
Newtons? Is a dongle necessary in order to make a serial connection to a
Mac or can you also use a regular Mac serial cable? What about using the
line in or line out is the dongle a necessity here too? Finally, what
about this SER-001 adapter that fits inside the Newton is this an
adapter that allows the use of the a regular Mac serial cable or is it
just preferable because the serial port on the 2x00 is recessed and to
access it is difficult and endangers the functionality or the serial
port by repeated stress?

Steve Stanley

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