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From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 00:57:38 EDT

The dongle is the bane of the Newton's existance. The
thought many eons ago, was that the Newton
Interconnect Port would perform a multitude of
functions. That never happened...unfortunatly. And
thankfully so because the interconnect port is perhaps
the poorest design associated with the Newton.
If you wish to make a serial connection with the Newt
to your desktop, then WILL need to have a
dongle. There really is no other way. If your
interconnect port is bad, or you don't have a dongle,
then check out PCBMan and get the ser-001 (or is it
now -002?) I've got one in my main Newt (attempted to
repair a bad interconnect port twice...failed both
times) just as a "just in case" I had to perform an
emergency backup/restore...Otherwise, I don't connect
my newton to anything but the internet or my Basillisk
There have been few "must-have's" for this aging
platform, (dongle killer, upgrade from 2000 - 2100,
and the backlight replacement kit) but the ser-001 is
one of them. As our Newts get older, we may find other
must-haves as well...
web/gadget guru
--- Steven Stanley <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can someone explain to me the "dongle" that is used
> with the 2x00
> Newtons? Is a dongle necessary in order to make a
> serial connection to a
> Mac or can you also use a regular Mac serial cable?
> What about using the
> line in or line out is the dongle a necessity here
> too? Finally, what
> about this SER-001 adapter that fits inside the
> Newton is this an
> adapter that allows the use of the a regular Mac
> serial cable or is it
> just preferable because the serial port on the 2x00
> is recessed and to
> access it is difficult and endangers the
> functionality or the serial
> port by repeated stress?
> Steve Stanley

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