Re: [NTLK] Outer Limits

From: PaulMmn (
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 09:30:04 EDT

Don't forget-- Star Trek was one of the first shows to use hand-held
computers-- the TriCorder on the original was the universal
computer! TheNextGang had more streamlined TriCorders (and everyone
must have perfect eyesight!), plus thos PADDs that everyone keeps
handing around.

I don't know how the dates line up, but TNG was around at least 10
years ago-- when did Newton first arrive? Who copied whom? (:

--Paul E Musselman

>I just saw a episode of the Outer Limits on the Scifi channel about time
>travel and a Nazi concentration camp. It's very quick, but in the first
>few minutes of the show, the time traveler appears to be jotting some
>notes on a Newton-like device. It was modified in its appearance for the
>show, but I would bet it was a MP. Anyone else see this?
>We now return complete control to your computer............

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