[NTLK] weird screen failure...

From: derek prowse (esworp_at_comcast.net)
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 00:11:09 EDT

        Pretend you're holding your newt 2000 in landscape position with
the speaker at the top left. Imagine you start drawing vertical lines
starting on the right edge of the screen... as you approach the left
side of the screen, the line shown by the digitizer begins to be more
and more curved at the center towards the right. By the time you're
drawing the last vertical line, it forms a full semicircle.

Any clue what to do? Of course, I've tried the ol "Align Pen" a number
of times, but the only way I can get out of the align screen is to
intentionally miss the X marks to the tune of an inch to the left on the
last two X's. I doubt that a corrupt soup is to blame; I used trashpak
(or something similarly named.. i forget...) to delete the soup entry
that stores the calibration info, and have not added any software in
quite a while.

So! what should I do? I've already done the standard stuff that is done
to treat the jaggies.. credit card under the edge etc... no dice.

As a last resort... can we still send our newts back to apple to have
them serviced? Last time I sent mine in fokls were mentioning that the
repair center was stopping or something...

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