Re: [NTLK] weird screen failure...

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 03:35:06 EDT

> So! what should I do? I've already done the standard stuff that is done
> to treat the jaggies.. credit card under the edge etc... no dice.
I had similar symptoms on two Newtons but only on the right half of the
screen, but tested only in portrait mode. I could repair both units by
cleaning the 4 tracks of the flexible PCB between screen digitizer and mobo.
This could help to solve your problem too.

> As a last resort... can we still send our newts back to apple to have
> them serviced? Last time I sent mine in fokls were mentioning that the
> repair center was stopping or something...
I would be willing to do the cleaning for you. It involves nearly complete
disassembling of the Newton but it doesn't take more than 15min.

With best regards / Viele Gruesse

Marco Mailand

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