Re: [NTLK] LocalTalk/EtherTalk and Printer

From: Jochen Schäfer (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 04:51:50 EDT

From: "Marco Mailand" <>

> > printer and print via the Mac.
> > But my Newton can't access the printer! Anyone any suggestions for this.
> You could connect the LocalTalk to the Newton and then you should be able
> find the printer under Network Printers. But I'm not shure whether the 4ML
It does. It works. But that was not my question. I don't want to change my
wiring because I want to print, especially with a dongle involved.

> will work correctly with the Newton LaserWriter driver but it is quite
> likely. I could successfully use at least the LaserWriter 8 driver on a
> to print directly to a HP LJ (don't remember the type but very likely was
> a 5ML) and could also print w/o problems to a LW personal NT and personal
> 320 via LocalTalk/EtherTalk.
Yes, it works great. Since it's Postscript, the print quality is brillant.


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