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> Laurent Daudelin wrote:
...complains that when waking up the computer, the screen doesn't
> > come up, or trying to logout, something seems to be stuck somewhere,
> > and that's on a brand new Dell that came pre-configured with XP,
> Not to be rude, but I really hate these kinds of arguments. People
> blaming
> Microsoft and/or the OS in situations where it very likely isn't their
> issue.

Dunno, i could say the same for my ThinkPad. Under 98SE i had all sorts
of weird standby/hibernation issues on battery power. Often hard reboots
were necessary, which totally destroys the concept of convenient
portable computing. When i got my copy of XP, i expected better power
management. it was not to be. The thinkpad seems to do whatever it likes
when it comes to battery operation. I have it set to hibernate after 1
hour of standby. If i put it into standby, two out of three times it
will have switched itself off within 5 minutes- no hibernation, just
total shutdown. Didn't save your data? Oops.
If the battery gets low, windows generates a message right? I have it
set to show a message when this happens with the audible warning
disabled. What happens when this occurs? An annoying beep-beep-beep with
no visual warning in sight...*sigh* Maybe if the battery metre worked
properly i could keep an eye on the battery state. but nope from time to
time the metre gets stuck at 1/3 just like the fuel guage in my dad's
old ford Granada.
What i liked was the MacOS sleep function. It sleeps when you close the
lid, it stays asleep [my thinkpad woke up in calculus class and, since i
had left winamp running, started blaring a MC Paul Barman woke
to go into hibernation mode..*head shake*..], the sleep actually
conserves power for a long long time, yet is still instant-on. My
thinkpad kills its battery in under 5 hours in standby mode, plus the
machine is smokin hot. Maybe LNX will be better.
And I agree it could be hardware problems, but it was actually more
reliable under 98SE.

who misses his Duo

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