Re: [NTLK] The OQO should have been the new Newton?

From: Sushi (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 12:34:52 EDT

>On 6/7/02 @ 0:04 AM, Polenta Marco wrote:
>Anyway, I agree with Robert, putting a desktop OS into
>a handheld is useless. As I used for the first time my
>MP 120, I was surprised not to find any desktop-like app.
>But then I realized such a thing was completely useless
>into a handheld device. The OS "philosophy" is
>completely different.

Respectfully disagree with you and Robert.

First of all, let's address the Newt. The interface was made to be
scalable. There were plans for Newts that were tablet, desktop type and
larger designs. It was not limited to the devices that we have today,
er. yesterday that still work today...

The Newt interface works well for both environments, IMHO.

The difference, is that the Newt was designed with a pen input
methodology. Desktop interfaces are designed with a keyboard and mouse
input methodology.

Okay, I am getting on my soapbox -- you've been warned! :-)

You'll note that I always say Pen X when referring to the Pen version of
X. X as it is today, would not work well in a palm sized device.
However, to tweak X to run with a pen shouldn't be all that hard.

Some points to ponder...

How many of us, due to work related issues have to travel with a laptop?

And how many of us have discovered at the last minute that we forgot an
important file, or wished we had a file that we didn't copy over to the
laptop before we traveled?

Currently, many laptop users have docking stations that connect them to a
regular monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. Most don't use the laptops
display or keyboard when docked.

Now let's look to the future...

Take a OQO type device. And equip it with a connection strip like the
iBook. All connectors in a row -- neat, simple and hot plugable.
Additionally, design the OQO type device to connect an external monitor
via a FW connection. This should be fairly easy to do. The monitor
itself could have a FW connection, then it is just a cable between the
two. Or there could be a FW to VGA adapter.

Now I just plug it in to the dock and use my regular monitor, keyboard,
mouse, etc. The boss pops in the office. She needs me to go to a
meeting. I just grab my OQO device and go -- I don't have to worry about
putting my device to sleep to undock it, nor do I have to worry about
having the files that I need, or the software. Everything that I use is
contained in the OQO type device.

At the meeting, I can continue to use my device as needed.

When I am done with my meeting, I return to the office, plug it back in
and I am ready to work. And at home, I can have a dock as well so I can
take my work home with me if I want to.

And of course I can use on the road/on the go as well. And I have
everything with me.

With a device like this, I don't need to buy another handheld device, nor
another laptop or desktop computer. Saves a lot of money in hardware,
and software costs. Plus I don't have to sync another thing --

And it's a whole lot easier to carry with me as well!

The current OQO device is the first one out the door. In the future,
more than likely, other companies will join. There will be product
improvements -- the batteries will last longer, the device will be
smaller, bigger and better displays, etc.

BTW, I saw a WinCE device with a 640x480 display that fits in your hand.
The display was very readable. And Sony's new Palm device has a 320x480
display that is fantastic. It would be very easy to have a device
similar to the Newt 2K in size with a 640x480 or possibly 800x600
resolution display.

...and of course a bigger version would be able to have a larger display.

Currently Toshiba has a 20GB 1.8 HD. It's two platters vice the one
platter 10GB version in the high end model iPod. That's today folks.
How many people need more storage space than this? Note, I didn't say
want, I said need. Today. And of course in the future, this will
continue to increase.

On a side note, wouldn't a G3 powered Newt be nice?!

Of course, I am sure that Woo would overclock his as well! ;-)

Again, to eliminate any confusion to my comments, I am talking about
average computer users. Most don't need nor want all that much power in
their device. What they are more interested in, is functionality of
their device. Or to put it another way, effectiveness.

...wants and needs are very different. Especially in the business arena.
 I see many folks who are over computered, if there is such a word. They
have way more capability than they need, or know how to use for that

Then again, this list isn't made up of your average user! :-)

Anyhow, my .03 -- I am stepping off of my soap box!


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