Re: [NTLK] The OQO should have been the new Newton?

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 17:11:56 EDT

on 06-06-2002 6:34, Sushi at wrote:

> Respectfully disagree with you and Robert.

And on quite a few points I agree with you, but for a handheld I don't think
any desktop OS of this moment will do, maybe the Newton OS should have been
a desktop OS ?

I think it's a core problem, since at the heart of the Newton is a soup
structure that links anything with just about anything I can't see a desktop
OS taking over for the moment, but who knows...

> The Newt interface works well for both environments, IMHO.

I agree, the more computers become like a Newt the better they'll be.

> The difference, is that the Newt was designed with a pen input
> methodology. Desktop interfaces are designed with a keyboard and mouse
> input methodology.

I tend to be a keyboard person and do most things on an eMate through the
keyboard, you would be surprised how well that works.

> Now I just plug it in to the dock and use my regular monitor, keyboard,
> mouse, etc. The boss pops in the office. She needs me to go to a
> meeting. I just grab my OQO device and go -- I don't have to worry about
> putting my device to sleep to undock it, nor do I have to worry about
> having the files that I need, or the software. Everything that I use is
> contained in the OQO type device.

Cool, I'm planning on using my next PowerBook G4 like that, downside is that
you're walking away with a lot to loose...

> With a device like this, I don't need to buy another handheld device, nor
> another laptop or desktop computer. Saves a lot of money in hardware,
> and software costs. Plus I don't have to sync another thing --
> thankfully!

Depends how you'd call it, but you would have to make backups all of the

> On a side note, wouldn't a G3 powered Newt be nice?!

Yes, but not bigger than it is at the moment please ;-)

> Of course, I am sure that Woo would overclock his as well! ;-)

Without a doubt.

> Then again, this list isn't made up of your average user! :-)

I'm sure we all agree with you on that ;-)

Robert Benschop

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