Re: [NTLK] convincing arg against MS OS

From: Stainless Steel Rat (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 19:57:47 EDT

* "W. B. Davis" <> on Thu, 06 Jun 2002
| Try "MacOS". Or anything else that's non-MS, practically.

| (Sorry, couldn't resist such a great straight line. Especially when
| it's TRUE.)

In fact, Mac OS X is one of the least secure Unixes around. When Apple
finishes OS X it will be a great single-user Unix, but I wouldn't trust it
with confidential data. I'd go with OpenBSD if I were on the cheap, or AIX
w/ Tivoli if I have a big budget.

How does OS X compare to Windows XP? That depends. A Windows XP without
Internet Explorer or Outlook or IIS would be a very secure OS, certainly
more secure than OS X. But it will never be secure until Microsoft
segregates user space from kernel space -- something that they are fighting
desperately to avoid in the US courts right now. XP is actually a step
backwards in this regard; what makes it more "friendly" to games makes it
less secure and stable than Windows 2000.

Ironically, the most secure and stable Windows to date is the version that
exists on Xbox.

Replies to me, since this is -way- off topic.

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