Re: [NTLK] [OT now] The OQO should have been the new Newton?

From: Rich Lindsay (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 21:19:42 EDT

WOW Its time for this thread with is on the edge of MAC vs MS to be



On Thursday, June 6, 2002, at 06:06 PM, dsdfsdfsdfsdf wrote:

> On 06/06/02 17:56, "John Goggan" <> wrote:
> [snip!]
>>> The fact that it happens every two weeks starts to look like
>>> carelessness and/or incompetence on the part of M$.
>> Why?? I don't see how it is MS's fault if people execute software and
>> it does
>> things. heh. I mean, are you telling me that OS X would somehow
>> magically
>> prevent people from executing something that might email a bunch of
>> people?

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