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Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 23:28:13 EDT

In a previous message, typed vigorously:

>I think the NTR is smaller than the NT... anyways.

The NTR and the NT were exactly the same casing and dimensions:

The main differences between the two models were: the NTR had a faster
processor, a larger ROM, was PostScript Level 2 compliant, and included a
Centronics parallel port.

>Hey NTR owners: is there any way to find out how many pages my NTR has
>printed in its lifetime? It's not anywhere on the settings test page. Is
>there some other test page that I can trigger using a Mac?

I always thought it was part of the default startup page. You should be
able to use a copy of the LaserWriter Utility or the Apple Printer
Utility which shipped with the OS to activate this setting.
Alternatively, use a PostScript download tool like the Adobe Downloader
utility, and send the following Postscript code to the printer:

     /Courier findfont 12 scalefont setfont
     30 700 moveto
     (The total number of pages printed is: ) show
     statusdict begin pagecount 10 string cvs show

The Adobe Downloader can be grabbed here:

Still want more? I have the entire set of Adobe PostScript (Level 2)
reference manuals in PDF format: PostScript Red Book (Language Reference
Manual 2nd Edition), PostScript Blue Book (Tutorial & Cookbook),
PostScript Orange Book (Programming the Display PostScript System with
X), PostScript Operator Reference Supplement, and the PostScript Language
Reference Manual Supplement.

Contact me offline if you're interested.

I guess working for Adobe all those years ago had some advantages, eh?



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