Re: [NTLK] ANN: Charger, PrintPack pool

From: Michael Mays (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 00:22:05 EDT

You'll want to be very careful about assuming anything about these styli.=
  Emate styli fit in the MP2x00 and the Emate equally, but look silly=
 sitting in the stylus holder of your 2x00...the colors are completely=
 different, not to mention the shape (it'll look like you have a little toy=
 missile poking out of the slot). Also, there's those ultra-cheap ribbed=
 translucent plastic replacement ones that bend all up in your grip and dig=
 into your skin; they too fit . Trust me on this one... I own ALL styli=
 for the 2x00. :) 2 original aluminum, one green Emate, one black PDA=
 Panache, and two of those obnoxious clear plastic ones (GEM gave them to=
 me free with the stylus they sent me).

After having looked at that website, I can now guarantee you that it is in=
 fact the green Emate stylus and not the pretty aluminum and black 2x00=
 original. It will not look good in or with your Newton 2x00 as the colors=
 and shapes do not match. It is a decent stylus though and will do in a=
 pinch for something that locks into the stylus holder.

Michael Mays

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On 6/6/2002 at 10:47 PM Jim Witte wrote:


They also are selling pens for the 2000 series and emates (says it'll
>fit both, I assume it's the aluminum pen), pens for the 120, and TDK
>33.6 PCMCIA modems. My prices are as follows (all prices American
>2K Pen: $11.49
>120 Pen: $28.75
>Modem: $59.62


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