[NTLK] ANN: Charger, PrintPack pool

From: Jim Witte (jswitte_at_bloomington.in.us)
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 23:47:01 EDT


   Okay, the PrintPack pool is official. I'm charging $23.12 per print
pack, and $48 per charger. Shipping to Germany for 2 lb (from what I
remember the Print Pack was less than this) is $14 without insurance,
and about $16 with insurance. I don't know how much the charger weighs,
but it's probably less than twice that, which would be at most $22 (+
insurace at about $1.10/$30) Other European countries and Australia
should be similar. Domestic shipping should be under $10.

   It currently says the chargers are out of stock, which seems a little
odd as it was posted just yesterday on dealmac - I've emailed MegaMacs
to confirm whether this is the case.

   They also are selling pens for the 2000 series and emates (says it'll
fit both, I assume it's the aluminum pen), pens for the 120, and TDK
33.6 PCMCIA modems. My prices are as follows (all prices American

2K Pen: $11.49
120 Pen: $28.75
Modem: $59.62

Jim Witte
After Midnight Lizard

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