Re: [NTLK] ANN: Charger, PrintPack pool

From: Andy Cassady (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 11:40:06 EDT

If anyone's planning to order a stylus from that site, check out first. I ordered an emate replacement stylus from
them for 2.49(actually, I got a few of them) and a whole box of the
annoying multicolored plastic styli.

The emate stylus is listed as "The Apple Stylus"

The box of styli are listed as "The Everyehere Stylus 24 Pack" and cost
$11.75 at this time.

Just a little public service announcement. Hope this helps somebody to
keep from spending 4 times as much at another store or up to 20 times as
much on evilbay for the multicolored ones.


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