[NTLK] Nothing like Mac OS X but Mac OS X (was: OQO...)

From: Michael 'Mickey' Sattler (michael_at_GeekTimes.com)
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 00:26:04 EDT

At 15:37 -0700 6/5/2002, Lee, Christopher J wrote:
>Perhaps I'm biased, but I've failed to find ANYONE that had a convincing
>argument against using WinXP other than ethical/MSHatred reasons...


>Granted, it is not as elegant as OSX, but then again, what is?

Mac OS X is. That's the best argument for using it. Why use a
second-best when you've got a winner on your hands?

>Bottom line, your avarage office user needs MS compatibility...

And with Mac OS X you have it. I consult, and I'm in Windows-only
shops all the damn time with my PowerBooks. With the MS Office for X
suite and Connectix Virtual PC I can use the software that my clients
demand I use without sacrificing my beloved user interface or my
soul. And now, with my 800 MHz TiPB G4 I'm getting things done in a
Windows environment faster and more reliably than some coworkers with
their Win* machines.


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