[NTLK] Data from dead Newton

From: Frank Gruendel (Frank_Gruendel_at_t-online.de)
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 17:14:37 EDT

> is there a way I can get the
> data off my newton's internal store and move it to another Newton?

If you have a serial connection, you might want to try DataRescue.
Described and downloadable here:


> Is there
> someone I can send my poor, dead, Newton?

Sure. Pretty much everyone on this list would be happy...

Earnestly, your best bet these days would be Dr. Newton, he is known
for professional and fast service.

If you pay for shipping back, I could have a look at it free of charge.

> Speaking of which, is there a good software package (for either Mac or
Win, I
> have access to both) for backing up the Newtons?

I never had a problem with NBU. At least as far as backing up is concerned,
so far I never had to restore anything.


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