[NTLK] Connecting a Nokia to a Newton (was: Names to Nokia PREVIEW screenshot)

From: Daniel Padilla (daniel.padilla_at_wanadoo.es)
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 19:07:56 EDT

    Ok Barb, you need all these pieces:


    Not very elegant, i know, but it works.

    The grey cable, to change a DB-9 to Minidin-8, is the most difficult to
make. If you can't find one, let me know, i have a couple of them i don't use
and i'll send one to you for a box of Speculaas. :-)

    Then you need a modem script, this one i made works with a nokia 6210:


    If it doesn't work, it's quite easy to change with a program called

    Now you need some data from your cellular service company. In Spain, we have
a generic internet setup for cellular conections. Ask your telecom company, you

    User ID & password.
    access number.
    one or two DNS server addresses.

    In "Internet Setup" you create a new "generic setup" , conecting via
"modem", using the data from your provider and the "nokia 6210" modem.

    There are a few more tricks, but those are the basics.

Daniel Padilla

> Owww my dearest... a big sigh here.. Im not the soldering kind and i
> feel really stupid now..
> I know I have a connectioncable for my nokia 9110 to connect to the
> peecee (ugly piece of sh*** the pc)
> can I use that same cable to miraculously connect to my newton?
> the cable says it is type dlr-2
> AH03083821
> where can I get the part that goesinto the newton?
> do I need a connection script?
> is it a connection to the web through serial?

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