Re: [NTLK] Connecting a Nokia to a Newton (was: Names to Nokia PREVIEW screenshot)

From: machula (
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 07:29:02 EDT

> Ok Barb, you need all these pieces:
> Not very elegant, i know, but it works.

*****Okay, away with the elegance I am a nurd anyway and our elegance
is in the connectivity... or something like that..
Anyway, you are the first one to show a solution to my newton
connectivity mess...
I was coming to terms with the fact that I had to buy a new modem, a
new cellphone, hunt for the cables etc etc...
but now it seem I can keep the 9110 and make it to good use to put my
newton on the web...
I carefully studied those picts, I got the newton, mine is a 2100, I
got the serial cable and the serial dongle, I have the cellphone...
The rest is misty and my mind that is...

> The grey cable, to change a DB-9 to Minidin-8, is the most difficult to
>make. If you can't find one, let me know, i have a couple of them
>i don't use
>and i'll send one to you for a box of Speculaas. :-)

*****Okay, how about homemade speculaas, Im real good at that, and
some dropjes?
just mail me your address offlist and consider it done.
A hug from me would be included but they wear off in mail...

> Then you need a modem script, this one i made works with a nokia 6210:
> If it doesn't work, it's quite easy to change with a program called

*****I will fight with that dragon later... with a little help from
my (newton) friends, i hope.

> Now you need some data from your cellular service company. In
>Spain, we have
>a generic internet setup for cellular conections. Ask your telecom
>company, you
> User ID & password.
> access number.
> one or two DNS server addresses.
> In "Internet Setup" you create a new "generic setup" , conecting via
>"modem", using the data from your provider and the "nokia 6210" modem.
> There are a few more tricks, but those are the basics.

*****On one side I have a data enabled cellphone account.

On the other side I have an account with an internetprovider that I
want to use to phone in.

Or are you referring to something else?
Is there another way to use your cellphone connection, as an inernet
provider thing in itself? Now it gets reeeeal nurdy!!!

>Daniel Padilla

Thank you so much, I have hope of clarity now.


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