Re: [NTLK] Newt Stolen; Looking for a.

From: machula (
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 07:44:39 EDT

> > Uhhh?? ehh... yeah??
>Well, of course! Pretty obvious in my opinion. I mean,
>after all...

***ow but eh.. remember sometimes things are not so clear after all!!

> > doh... pfffffff... nahhhh....
>Allow me to disagree with all due respect. All the experts
>unanimously say hgrmmm... gargghh... wrooommm...
>these days. And believe me, I'm not making this up. Just
>read it again this morning in my local newspaper.

***Ahh.. the papers.. you believe them?
I personally believe to go for the gut feeling and take things one at a time.
And experts are not always right!
The karma of things can be different from what they appeared to be at first.

> > hmmmm ehhh???
>Really, bar. I'd have expected more of you. Don't you read
>papers? Don't you watch TV? The hmmmm ehhh theory
>has been proven wrong nearly a quarter of a century ago!
>Every kid these days knows that it is grmmpfff ahhhh

***Yes and children are mostly right in theis respect, but still I
believe that the obvious shouldnt be accepted as the true value in
this matter.

>Sorry, normally I'm way too polite to correct people
>publicly. But in this case... I can't allow these
>misunderstandings creep back in here...

***Thank you for interfering in this misty subject.
Indeed, clarity is what we need but still you didnt convince me.

>Hope you don't take it personally. Mail me off-list if you
>want all the details of the krrkss... wiiiish... prgnff

***maybe anyone alse has a say in this matter?


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