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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 11:44:20 EDT

on 09/06/02 10:58, John Fraser at wrote:

> After lurking on/off for the past 1-2 years I pulled my newton 2000 emate
> 300 and newton 130 out and started loading all the new stuff that people
> have been hard at work on since life took me in a different direction.

Welcome back, John.

> Well as most people would guess I have a few questions (on my 2000)
> 1. First is finding a 2100 or 2000u worth it? I will once again be a heavy
> user after seeing how well my 2000 works with my ugate wireless 3300 router
> (it even connects to my Dual gig on the lan side of the router over
> ethernet!).

It's worth every penny. Try to write one paragraph of text on your 130, then
write the same text on your 2000. Amazing, isn't it? Well, going from a 2000
to a 2100 might not be as dramatic as going from a 130 to a 2000, but close.
It's amazing all the things you can do on a 2100, without ever having the
message "Newton doesn't have enough memory to do this. Restarting might
help" (or whatever)...

> Mainly E-mail Internet (text only) music =-)....
> 2. What is the best browser and IMAP e-mail client. I am forced to use
> right now as I couldn't find a imap client in my older e-mail
> program downloads.

The best (and still supported) browser is Newtscape. However, it's interface
is a little bit complex at first. A lot of people still prefer NetHopper,
although it's much less capable than Newtscape. The only (limited) IMAP
email client is SimpleMail. It can only synchronize your Inbox, not any
other folders you might have created in your account.

> 3. I assume sources for Emate upgrades are becoming a miracle.

You bet!

> 4. how is the ata driver coming? Can we store MP3 files on them yet?

Paul had to slow down a bit because he had final exams at the university.
After he has a (well deserved) short vacation or break, I assume he will
resume its work and finish the driver.

> 5. Any place to find all these new projects in one spot (aka newton news
> page?)


> 6. Any hope on finding a supply of the interconnect plugs? While lurking I
> finished an emate/2x00 dongle that supports preamped mic in, audio in, audio
> out. I hope to post pictures soon at figure it would be
> good for something (only way to give emate a mic!)

There is no more supply or source for the interconnect plug.


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