Re: [NTLK] Greek Fonts 'n Unicode

From: johnsinho's! (
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 11:52:08 EDT

Sean Luke wrote:
> Daedalus Guy <> thus spoke:
> > Finally, I'm a bit hazy about the Unicode thing. I tried to understand
> > what Unicode actually is...

> Unicode is a character encoding. What does this mean? The easiest way
> to explain it is to start with ASCII: ASCII is also...
> That's about the extent of my Mac font experience. Good luck!
> Sean

Did you write this all with what you have by heart? Or is it Copy/Paste
from other sources?
Absolutely amazing piece of text. Clear, precise, rich and pleasant.
Can I quote you (obviously with your name)? There are lots of people
around me (Brazil) struggling with font encodings in utter frustration,
exactly because all info on this matter is indeed hazy (quoting Daedalus).
Thanx, thanx, thanx, thanx, thanx, thanx, thanx, thanx,
[ ],

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