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From: Michael Manthey (
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 17:53:42 EDT

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Has anyone of you ever tried to remove Outlook Exchange or IE (3X) from a Win
'95 installation?
What is so amazing to my mind is how Microsoft denied you your freedom of
choice even back then. They gave you fake options during the installation
process but in fact the installer wrote the whole package onto your hard
drive.That has been their strategy ever since, and that's why they maintain
that you cannot remove Internet functionality from the OS nowadays without
making it dysfunctional.
We used to have WIN NT 4 at the office, and now we have XP Professional. Both
OS's are fairly stable. What bothers me about XP, though, is that you have so
many "comfort" options, none of which is really comfortable to use. It's like
being taken into custody "for your own good" - you have to invest a lot of
time to strip everything down to the essentials. - The sleep-mode or
energy-conservation was a well-known problem under WIN NT. I've used a Toshiba
and a COMPAQ notebook at work, and they were both erratic in their behaviour
when returning from sleep-mode.Seems different with XP. (Which reminds me of
my PB 145 B, running System 7.1, enhanced with Connectix Powerbook Utilities -
just perfect. Instant on/off. Reboot in less than 30 seconds. I never switched
it off, for three or four years on end; when riding the bus or on the subway,
you could just wait for the train to stop and then press the key-combination:
it slept. Open it up, press a key again - and there it was, ready to go.)
By the way: we will have a thin-client solution in a few months to come, with
the clients running - WinCE.
It sure is a monopoly.

Greetings from Cologne,

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