Re: [NTLK] Convincing argument against MS

From: Karel Jansens (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 08:13:55 EDT

On Sunday 09 June 2002 23:53, Michael Manthey wrote:
> (Which reminds me of my PB 145 B, running System 7.1,
> enhanced with Connectix Powerbook Utilities - just perfect. Instant
> on/off. Reboot in less than 30 seconds. I never switched it off, for
> three or four years on end; when riding the bus or on the subway, you
> could just wait for the train to stop and then press the
> key-combination: it slept. Open it up, press a key again - and there it
> was, ready to go.) By the way: we will have a thin-client solution in a
> few months to come, with the clients running - WinCE.
> It sure is a monopoly.

And _that_ reminds me of my HP Omnibook. I bought a secondhand 425 a
couple of years ago, upgraded its memory and slapped a 40 meg flash disk
in (the original Omnibooks did not have IDE disks, just lots of PC Card
slots). It never turned off at all, just went to sleep and woke up
_exactly_ where you left off. Coupled with its 10 hours battery life, a
sub-A4 form factor and the absence of any funtioning noise, this was truly
a joy to use.

The only throwback, of course, was that its operating system was a ROMmed
version of Windows 3.1 (Ew!) with Word 2.0 and Excel 4.0 (Ugh! and
Njah...), equally in ROM.

Mind you, running just DOS and WordPerfect 6.0 made it quite useable.

Karel Jansens.

"Ceteris censeo Fenestras delendas." (Cato - de Terrore Portarum)

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