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From: Lee, Christopher J (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 12:48:43 EDT

Last word on this from me, I SWEAR! :-)

Ya know, I do see where the MS-naysayers are coming from. Working tech
support all day, rest assured that I'm not a huge fan of MS products -
Outlook in particular.

In regards to MS business practices, I guess maybe I'm just a little
jaundiced in my...err...outlook. I see ALL institutions as basically
corrupt, especially those dedicated to the acquisition of wealth. Apple is
like any other company and "waging against mediocrity and
user-unfriendliness" isn't the primary goal of the coropration - MONEY is.
IF Apple could make money through "user-unfriendliness" I'm sure it would.
Fact of the matter is that Apple isn't the company started in a garage's a Corporation with a capital "C" like all others. Clinging to
some flag emblazoned with an Apple while storming the holy land is just

That actually has nothing to do with my initial statement anyway - if you
take some sort of ethical stance about an OS, YOU need to get out more. I
was talking about the software itself, not the motives of the people behind

Ford was a virulent anti-semite. Should you decide not to drive a Ford car
because of this?

DISCLAIMER - I am NOT speaking for my employer. I wouldn't presume to speak
for ANYONE else. These are my opinions alone. Your mileage may vary.
Warrenty void upon removal. Not for children under 3 years of age. All your
base are belong to us. Fnord.

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On 10-06-2002 3:09, Lee, Christopher J at wrote:

>And why are spelling MS as M$? Is that to emphasize that MS is all
>about making money? Wow, a company that has profit as its primary

You're kidding, right?

Being employed at Intel couldn't have blinded you to the "good fight"
the Macintosh platform has been waging against mediocrity and
user-unfriendliness since 1984 (or earlier, if you ever used a Lisa).

Micro$oft (and to a not insignificant part, Intel) have profited from
poorly designed software sold in large volumes under the guise of
efficiency. Obviously the battle has gone to business, rather than to
esthetics, but it's still obvious.

It's not profit per say, duh, but to the way the profit is extracted.
If this is a new concept to you, you might just want to search on
"Justice Department" and "Microsoft". There was a long history of
criminal behavior, and a series of faked testimonials at trials, and
a verdict, and (gosh) just everything. Check it out, it's fascinating
what companies will do when the customer's needs aren't first and

You really need to get out more :-)


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