Re: [NTLK] [OT] removing OE (was:Convincing argument against MS)

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 13:36:20 EDT

Windows 2000 and XP has what is called a "DLL cache"
What this does is store a compressed copy of all DLLs
that are currently in use on your machine. This
prevents rogue installers from overwriting DLLs that
shouldn't be overwritten!
This cache is usually located at:
So, no matter how often you delete the existing DLL,
the machine will replace it with the cached version.
You can see this by looking at the event logs.
What I would suggest is you unregister the DLLs first
by dropping to the CLI and typing regsvr32. This will
allow you to unregister the DLL and then you can
delete it from the system.
I've never seen the KB for removing OE, but I can't
imagine that they would tell you to do something that
wouldn't work...You may be looking at the KB for
non-2000/XP OS's...check it out...
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--- Robert Benschop <> wrote:
> on 10-06-2002 12:03, Victor Rehorst at
> wrote:
> > In the MS Knowledge base, there is an article on
> how to uninstall OE manually.
> > I followed the instrctions; it's basicially just a
> walkthrough to deleting
> > some DLLs and such. Where it got interesting was:
> as soon as I deleted
> > one of the DLLs, Windows would write back a new
> copy immediately. This,
> > in effect, prevents me from removing it. I even
> tried doing it from the
> > 2K command prompt - still no dice.
> Interesting, so basically in their own knowledge
> base they tell you how to
> do something completely useless and how to waste
> your time ;-)
> Maybe this is because they think you should share
> your viruses with your
> friends ? ;-)
> Robert Benschop
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